If you are interested in working within the boundaries of your home, then the best option for you is an online job. An online job requires you to have a computer, computer skills and job-specific tools. Many WAHMs find that online jobs work well for the stay at home workers like mothers, home-makers, students, etc, because they can work at their convenience, their own time and without much interruption.


One of the well-known online jobs is through eBay which created many opportunities for moms to earn an income from home. You can sell a number of different items on eBay, be it clothes, toys, electronic gadgets, books, t-shirts, handicrafts, etc. Mostly, women sell used baby and children’s clothing, toys, custom clothing, collectables and other such items. With a large number of people trying their hands on online sites, selling items on eBay has become a bit challenging. You can start by creating an inventory for things to be sold. The earning benefits on eBay is a bit challenging with the increase in postal rates and eBay fees. But there is a loophole, that is, most women sell bulk items rather than a single product. This helps keep profits consistent.

Online Marketing

The best part about online marketing is that it’s completely handled ‘online’ and presence at a physical location is not required. Frequently, a major trait of online marketing is networking and lead generation to capture additional clients. Who doesn’t know social media? Everyone does and we all know that it plays an important part in our daily lives. In online marketing, you can opt for social media marketing, where you just have to promote a company’s product or service through social platforms like twitter, facebook, Instagram, pinterest, snap chat, etc. If you are fond of writing then you can try content writing. It just requires your natural writing skills and how well you frame words and stories.

Online Chatting

Online chat is similar to customer support service but in the form of messages or chats. It’s simple, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. You have to reply to the customer’s queries and help them understand the product or service. Resolving customer issues will be the main focus and you have to be patient, after all, you are dealing with customers.

Proof Reader

If you have a knack for perfect writing or you are a grammar aficionado, then this job is for you. Proofreading requires your grammar and spelling skills. An online writer uploads the stories and then pays you a small amount based on how many pages have been ‘proofread’ at your end. Correcting and placing the right words to avoid any mistakes or miscommunication is the primary task. Spot grammatical mistakes and get payment. Different companies have different rules regarding proofreading.


It is the most popular online job. The best thing is that you do not need skills that are out of this world. Due to the flexibility of hours this is most preferred by all age groups, be it students, professionals, mothers, etc. You can start your blog on any topic that interests you. Be it beauty, academics, career, motherhood, politics, environment, entertainment or any other topic. You can get blog writing training on YouTube and Google. Once you have understood the concept and have got a hold on the process, there is no stopping. Start a blog and promote it professionally to attract advertisers and readers to your site. Some bloggers claim incomes of more than $100,000 each year.