Meet Tamika

Tamika Douglas is a serial entrepreneur, who has centered her career around the interest of her children, Douglas and Nathaniel, hence launching her first business “Tamika’s Happy Faces” (a home-based Day Care) in 2005.Progressively, the launch of her Day Care business in the basement of her new home was nothing short of a full roster, which thrived for several years. With a keen eye for detail, Tamika saw a spark in the first of her two sons, Douglas Baldeo, then just 4 years old, which propelled her desire to start an After- School Program geared towards “Performing Arts” for his benefit. 

Her hard work, dedication, support, and sacrifice over the years, led to Douglas’ first role in the Tony Award Winning Broadway show, “Kinky Boots” at age 9. She was also very instrumental in him booking two National Tours “Motown” and “The Bodyguard Musical” among other national projects.  

With years of experience, knowledge, passion and a fierce eye for talent, Tamika founded Four Star Talent.  Four Star Talent was a program where she invited casting directors, choreographers, talent agents, and other industry professionals to teach genre-specific workshops and host showcases. It served as a gateway to connect underserved and marginalized actors, singers, dancers and models with industry professionals to provide feedback and improve their audition technique . Her mission in this was two-fold.  Not only would she gain guidance on how to properly develop Douglas’ career, but it provided an opportunity to share her knowledge with parents who desired the same goal for their child.  Though the forum was educational in nature, multiple participants were invited for meetings with talent agents based on their performance at the workshop. 

She has since launched a virtual business, where she mentor’s people on the varied opportunities to supplement their income. The concept of a virtual business became essential due to the limitations of balancing her business, while supporting Douglas’ surging career as a single mom.  Her business acumen and keen attention to systems and details made each venture a success, which inspired her to launch Watch Me Succeed, LLC.

Watch Me Succeed, LLC  provides end to end services from business entity formation to product sourcing, branding and automation systems.  Watch Me Succeed is a not only a business but a movement which provides the support needed for entrepreneurial success.

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Creating your own opportunities takes strategic research, planning and guidance from an established mentor and coach.  My 15 year background as an entrepreneur will not only help individuals in the initial stages of their journey, but will also benefit business owners who are struggling to attract their ideal clients.

Here are the benefits of the program:

  • Product Research – What product or service will you offer and is there a demand for it. 
  • How will fulfillment be executed?
    •  Will you have a storefront or be completely virtual? 

We will explore options that provide options for either model you select

  • Client Research – I will guide you on creating your customer journey. Together we will:
    • Create your customer avatar
    • Define how you will interact with them 
    • Determine their pain points and how you can solve them.
    • Create your lead magnet to build your email list for your launch

Brand Concepts – define the key strategies for your brand including your colors, logo, name, and message.

  • Provide access to resources to launch branded merch for your business on a shoestring budget
  • Set up landing page to collect email addresses while your website is being built
  • Provide guidance on setting up your ads
  • Guidance on the best platform to run promotions and ads
  • Create giveaways, promotions and other compelling offers to attract potential buyers
  • Connect with Influencers to provide reviews for your offer
  • Email marketing
  • Forms and landing pages
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead generation
  • Campaign management
  • CRM integration
  • Social media marketing
  • Lead scoring and tagging
  • Ecommerce
  • Visitor tracking
  • Analytics and optimization

The Coaching and Consulting Program Will Help You To Create A Profitable Online Business In Less Than 45 Days

Register now so that we can help you:

  • Establish Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads
  • Create Pre, Live & Automated Systems
  • Implement Systems For The Fulfilment Of Products and Services

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