Very often, Moms who are working from home have sought to create a day-care centre at home for their children. This has allowed them to be with their children while operating a profitable home business. This has paved the way for mothers to do a job and at the same time learn and apply parenting skills. As good as it sounds, there are a few challenges that one has to take care of.

Why do you want to open a day-care centre?

You should ask yourself – why a home day-care centre? What is the benefit for you? Is it so that you can be with your kid? Are you ready to take care of other children and their responsibility?  If so, consider their ages and how well they might handle seeing you care for other children. The following factors should be examined first before taking any decision. Take a call after evaluating all the possible options, both good and bad. Analyse the results before and after setup. Based on your evaluation and analysis, make your choice.

Problems you might face

  • Obstacles may arise, like a child who is not fully potty-trained or difficult parents.
  • You might have problems with billing or collecting payments.
  • Children with different habits and behaviour.
  • Keeping rules and time for everything; be it feeding, playing, sleeping, reading, etc.
  • Need for helpers to assist the children.
  • Licencing requirements and regulation.

Before you even make a flier for your home day-care business, take care of some basic business issues first

  • Examine your state requirements and make sure to adhere to them in regards to home day-care.
  • A fire inspection should be organized. Pass basic tests and sometimes even taking specific classes is important.
  • Stock up on tools and essential products you’ll need to run your business e.g. toys, art supplies, sippy cups and plastic plates and other items.
  • You should focus on a specific “age” range of the children you intend to enrol. Also, the ages should be considered before purchases are made.
  • If your own children are pre-schoolers, focus on enrolling pre-schoolers and prepare a preschool curriculum. That way you also provide good playmates for your own children.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness to be maintained at all times with toys and in the play area.

Build a Structure

  • The children and family members will benefit from having a structure in their home day-care. A set structure should for drop-off and pick-up is very important.
  • A meeting should be scheduled with parents every week to discuss the behaviour of the child and issues he or she is facing. This helps maintain transparency at both the ends.
  • Payment issues should be discussed with the parents. Set up a fee schedule (date and time) and mode of payment.
  • The parents should be mandated to treat you like a professional rather than a babysitter.
  • Install baby proof furniture, edge holders, carpets, etc to avoid damage or injuries to the children.
Make sure there is trust and transparency between you and the parents. Host a yearly event comprising parenting lessons, workshops, food and drinks. This will help you understand your customers and capture their suggestions for improvements in your day-care. The final result: a successful home business, great relationships and a good understanding between both parties.