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Having a coach is one of the best investments that you can make as an entrepreneur. Sure, there are a lot of gurus online that provide free information, but very rarely do you get the right strategies that get in your business to create the systems and strategies that get you in front of your target audience.  An added benefit of having a coach is to provide the financial blueprint to properly execute your initiatives and meet your goals.

As the name indicates, Watch Me Succeed, LLC provides you with the tools and resources needed to identify and execute the milestones for your business success. This is an accelerated 6 week Consulting and Marketing Program where I work side by side with you to build and scale your business.  Please note that the fee does not include the purchasing of any ads, products, packaging or web development.  

Success Package

In my coaching package, I will:

  • Develop a business plan including, a marketing strategy, and outline your business systems
  • Assist with entity registration, Source Packaging, Branded Merch and Graphic Designs for your products
  • Create client packages and offers as well as develop your product pricing and strategy
  • Create Ads for Social Media. Please note that you must have a separate budget to run and test your ads
  • Assist with building tiny offers to build leads of paying customers for your business.
  • Assist with building a Signature Program to scale your company ( For Service Based Businesses only)
  • Create your content categories and Content Pillars for your marketing strategy 
  • Assist you with creating  the Legal Statements and Content for your website
  • Provide you with vendors to Create your OWN Products, Services, Events & Digital Tools.  Not only I will provide you with a list of preferred vendors for your industry, but you will receive a detailed guide on how to evaluate vendors for your business.
  • Provide Email templates for customer support issues and so much more.
  • These are just some of the great resources that will be provided to you to assist with getting your business launch-ready.  A detailed contract will be emailed to you once you register for the package.  

In this program, I am an asset, not your crutch. This program is detail oriented and will require your full commitment.  Please do not register for this program if you are unable to commit to the process. 

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